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    Hot Sauce Army was created in the month of August. But there FIRST apperance was in the battle of the 3 day war that tacos has made. HSA is has to Leaders. Hypermext54 and Dudex219. The founder of HSA(Hot sauce army) Was Lil S0ulja and Hypermext54. But we really consider Hypermext54 the REAL founder because he was the one that was really serious and controling HSA. How did HSA get its name? Well one day. Both Lil S0ulja and Hypermext54 wanted to rop the Pizza Parlor. Then they started to rob it again, again and again! And on and on and on! One day, Hypermext54 said. Arent we missing somthing? What? Said lil. A NAME! So they thought about it all throught the day and all through the night. Well we always wear red when we rob the Pizza parlor Said Hypermext54. True replied lil. So lets call us. Hot sauce! So there robing crew name was Hot sauce Then on forwards. They started to rob and rob the Pizza parlor again. But this one day. When they were running away from the PSA with stolen pizza they ran to the forts! And in the forts, they ran into a BATTLEFIELD! When both lil and Hypermext54 saw that. They both yelled. SNOWBALL FIGHT!!! Then we started to laugh because one guy in a Tancho and wearing a Sumbreo hat yelled out NACHOS! We said There fighting for nachos? Then we realized they were both CP armies fighting at it. So then we decided to make our own army. So we changed from robers to soldiers and called us. Hot sauce army


We aught to change our name. its runing our reputation. now i have made 3 or so posts and have fired one person so far. Owners must get togther on chat and dissuce the future of our army. it would be best if we change our name. and im going to firing and or demoting people if i do not see anyone on chat.  check out the other posts i have made  that people need to comment on.

Tactics session

you are all reqried to be at this tatic session or your fired. owners do not have to be their though.

When- Sunday dec.12

where- Deep Freeze, Snow forts

Time Central- 5:45 Mountain time-4:45 Eastern time-6:45 Pacific time-3:45


We are now going to start firing people for not being on hsa chat and commenting on posts. So i am sceduling a event that every one is requried to be at.

 The following people have been fired or are close to be fired.

Mods- Charliem21(risk)

Members- Garrett(fired), Starwars8809 (AT RISK), Daryan(AT RISK) Eric(EXTREME RISK)


Listen up all of you! I am tired of coming on HSA and finding it deserteed. owners this allpys to you to! from now on you are requried to be on HSa daily and check in with an owner. Whoever is not on will recive a punishment. and I will be on daily and keeping count of whose on and who gets demoted. Comment to this post or demotion. owners wont get demoted. only others


Guys we are failing… No offense but we barley have anyone… we usually have no events… and well we have like five other HSA sites.. but we need to pick up the pace… so im going to plan an event that everyone is requried to be at or demotion in ranks.. hopefully you can make it.. and i will get a post as soon as i find out if i can come.. if you cannot come please leave an comment.. but only if it envolves famly issues, holidays

Thanks for your time! ~shaneshane78

Practice Battle with CPT

Well, here it is. Your well earned and long awaited practice battle. This practice battle will be with the Club Penguin Troops. They’re about the same size as us, we can maybe get a few more than them so we should have this in the bag if we pay attention and listen to orders. I am an owner rank in CPT, but since I’m leader her, they allowed me to be with HSA. Anyways,  on to the details.

Practice Battle

When: Friday, November 19th


  • 4:00 pm PST
  • 5:00 pm MST
  • 6:00 pm CST
  • 7:00 pm EST

Server: Half Pipe

Room: Snow Forts

Be on chat and get there 30 minutes early to get some recruiting done.

Comment if you can come!

Getting rid of other hsa sites…

Guys we have no one on becuase we have about two other sites! people cant find our site cuz they get messed up with the other hsa.. i mean we are recruiting for the other HSA… i think the other hsa is done for… but we need to step up to the plate! our chat is deserted!! just saying! ~shaneshane78